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Please see below some of the frequently asked questions from Bike It Now! We have asked various members of our team to respond. 

If you have any further questions you would like answered please email us or facebook message us.

FAQ Topics:

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Covid-19 / Terms & Conditions

How is Bike It Now! approaching future requirements around Covid-19?

As each level is reached we will follow the explicit guidelines that each level requires. If needed we will clarify anything with MBIE or Ministry of Health. This applies to both our shops in Clyde and Cromwell and all our vehicles, hire bikes etc. We will have the same expectation of all our accommodation and activity providers.

~ answered by Kathryn Fletcher (Fletch). One of the Bike It Now! owners


How is Bike It Now! providing surety to us as customers going forward?

We have made an alteration to our cancellation policy within our T’s and C’s. See highlighted text below;

“3. Cancellation by You > Any cancellation by the customer must be made in writing by the person signing the booking form and is not effective until such cancellation is received by BIN.
> Cancellation within 7 days of departure: no refund – full fare applies

> Cancellation between 8-30 days of departure: 30% of total cost
> Cancellation between 31-60 days of departure: is ‘50% of deposit’. 

> Cancellation due to bereavement or health reasons will be dealt with on a case by case basis

> Cancellation due to Pandemic or Government issued travel bans, which impacts on your ability to travel. We will offer a refund or are more than happy to transfer to new dates. This is subject to the client letting us know as soon as possible. 

We encourage all of our clients to have some form of travel insurance.”

~ answered by Kathryn Fletcher (Fletch). One of the Bike It Now! owners


How are your bikes / helmets etc cleaned between use, now we are in a Covid-19 environment?

All bike grips and saddles are sprayed with Dettol and left for 10 mins before the bikes being washed with Muc-Off.

They are then wiped down and put away.

Helmets are turned upside down and the entire inside of the helmet is sprayed with Dettol and then left sitting in the direct sunlight when we have it.  

~ answered by Lisa. One of the Bike It Now! owners


What are you doing to ensure the vans we travel in are Covid-19 free?
There is hand sanitiser available in all vans for clients to use when they enter and exit the van.
Before clients are collected, the van is swiped clean with disinfectant, including all door handles and surfaces. The driver will follow Ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines regarding personal hygiene practises. At the end of each day, the van is washed and cleaned inside and out. 
~ answered by Jeremy, one of our awesome drivers


What are you doing re social distancing in your cycle shops?

To start with, (especially going into Level 3), we are only have one staff member working in our Cromwell shop.

The layout of the Clyde shop allows for 2 people to be working but in very different areas of the building.

We will have a bike rack for dropping bikes off and another separate area for collection of bikes and parts.

We are encouraging most communications with customers to be either via email, facebook or a phone call at this stage.

Hand cleaner will be available to customers at all times.

Staff will be using hand cleaner and wearing gloves at all times.  They are changing gloves regularly.

~ answered by Lisa. One of the Bike It Now! owners


Our Bikes

What makes Electric bikes (e-bikes) so appealing for such a wide range of riders?

The ability to ride more, ride further and enjoy! What head wind? What hill? 

These common factors are no longer an issue as the motor assistance flatten out hills and make pushing into a headwind a much more pleasurable experience.

You are likely to go out and look forward to riding your e-bike more because of this and you will start to ride places you haven’t before because you can! 

Ride more and get fitter and confident as a rider.

From step through sit up right e-bikes & commuter style e-bikes to full on high performance dual suspension e-bikes, there is a e-bike for everyone. Whether recovering from an injury, operation, lack of health or just wanting to go further.  E-bikes make it easier to explore more back country trails and offer a perfect and fun way to enjoy the trails with the reassurance you can do it!

We are seeing more couples and family groups out riding together, no matter their cycling ability. The use of an e-bike means riders of all abilities can now ride together and quality time together also.

~ answered by Duncan. One of the owners of Bike It Now!


I see you only stock certain bike brands, why did you choose those?

Bike It Now! have worked hard over the years to gain the best quality bike Brands and Suppliers. If we believe in the product and we use the product then you can trust it will be good for you.

We have been approached by many brands to stock their products and we are now in a position to choose only the best brands for reliability and comfort. Performance, Ease of use, good looks and most importantly strong relationships with our suppliers so after sales service and back up is as good as it gets. Brands Brands such as Trek, Scott, Merida, Avanti and Specialized are regarded as some of the best in the world! 

Bike It Now! offer these brands knowing that between them there will always be a solution for our customer.

The brands we sell and believe in have worked their way to the top and only supply quality Bike stores who make sure the customer has the best bike option and value for money available.

~ answered by Duncan. One of the owners of Bike It Now!


Why are your bikes perfect for the trails?

Stability and comfort.  The Trek Roscoe 7 has been an over performer.  Nice single chainring on the front and 10 speed on the back. Easy to use. Plus tyres give some extra comfort to the ride.

Our range of electric bikes covers 2 different styles and offers a large range of sizes.

A nice low step (Dutch Style) bike, easy to get on and off, more upright riding style.  Or a MTB style but these still have a nice low stand over.  Comfortable grips and slight raised handle bars.

A majority of our electric bikes are running the Shimano E6000 motor system.  Our other bikes are running Bosch Active Line.  

~ answered by Lisa. One of the Bike It Now! owners


Why should I shop local?

The benefit of shopping local is you can trust us to ensure you ride away with the best bike model suited to your requirements. We always offer a ‘bums on seat’ experience! This is so important, as you have the beauty of trying different styles of frames to make sure you are purchasing the right bike for you.  You can also be correctly fitted with a great range of accessories to add to your bikes looks and comfort.

The other big benefit of buying local is being able to just pop on in anytime to have a chat on anything. Quite often there will be a little couple of adjustments needed and customers may have some questions they want to talk to us about. Aftercare is what we are about!

Every bike sold by us has a first free safety check service and this is always a great chance to make sure that our customers are comfortable and understand everything about their new bike.

If there is ever an issue with anything we are available and now have 2 stores for customers to come to. People like to deal with people and Bike It Now! love seeing our customers back in-store. We can take time with each of them as we really care that each rider has the best experience out there –  because we are all about you!

~ answered by Duncan. One of the owners of Bike It Now!


Our Trails

What should we now about the Lake Dunstan Trail?

It is a trail that is not for novices, you need to be competent riders. It has sections of Grade 3 – unfenced  with very steep drops. The trail is a two way trail and narrow in places so not a place for speed or for riding on the wrong side of the trail. This trail is technically more difficult than the new Sailors Cutting to Benmore section of the A2O and definitely more difficult than the Roxburgh Gorge Trail. Do not get me wrong it an awesome ride BUT respect it and others around you. 

~ answered by Kathryn Fletcher (Fletch). One of the Bike It Now! owners


If we have our own bikes are there shuttles available?

We have shuttles running everyday at 10am and 3.30pm from Clyde to Cromwell  (10.30 and 4pm from Cromwell back to Clyde), these need to be pre-booked.

~ answered by Kathryn Fletcher (Fletch). One of the Bike It Now! owners


Why should we take 5 days to do the Otago Central Rail Trail?  

5 days makes for a great experience and allows the shortest riding distances each day. It is best for families who are riding with younger children, or those riders that feel they prefer a more leisurely pace.  

~answered by Jan, one of our Itinerary planning experts


What is the trail surface like? 

The trail is not sealed – but is a compacted, hard surface and wide enough for riders to pass in both directions. 

~answered by Jan, one of our Itinerary planning experts


Our Tours

What is the difference between Superior Accommodation and Boutique Luxury Accommodation?  

Superior Accommodation is modern ensuite accommodation.  Boutique Luxury Accommodation is beautifully restored accommodation brought back to life.  Many still show the history of the original buildings (i.e. mud brick walls).  Enjoy an experience from the past which is warm, comfortable and inviting. 

~answered by Lois, one of our Itinerary planning experts


What is the most important thing to have to make the trip even more enjoyable 

Easy! A backside that’s been for some training rides beforehand!  The more you have ridden, the more your bum will be saddle fit.  Would you run a half marathon without having completed some training runs?  

~answered by Lois, one of our Itinerary planning experts


What is involved in the commentary if we book transfers?

A welcome and safety briefing, personal introduction (including driver’s background and experience and knowledge of region).

A history of the local area and region that we will be traveling through, including points of interest such as wineries, tourist and recreational activities.

Locations that we may stop along the way that may be of interest. Just let your driver know.

An overview of Bike it Now! and what will happen when the clients arrive to Clyde, and who will be their point of contact there. 

We will answer any questions that the clients may have, e.g where to eat out, where to purchase/ drinks, where cash machines can be located etc. A great introduction to your bike tour!

~answered by Jeremy, one of our awesome drivers


What is curling?  

A sport similar to bowls, which takes place on ice.  Curling involves sliding a large stone on the ice aiming for the target at the other end.  So much fun with a lot of laughs.  Watch out – it can get very competitive amongst yourselves. 

~answered by Lois, one of our Itinerary planning experts

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