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About Us

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Bike It Now! has a vision of providing the highest quality bike retail, tour, hire and workshop service for those wanting to enjoy the cycling trails in the Central Otago, Southern Lakes, MacKenzie and Waitaki regions of New Zealand, as part of their next holiday or if they are lucky enough within their own surroundings.

Bike It Now! is 100% locally owned by Duncan Randall, Kathryn Fletcher (Fletch) and Lisa Joyce.

Duncan and his family relocated from Dunedin in mid 2012. Duncan is a well respected member of the Outdoor Retail Industry. He was the manager of R and R Sport in Dunedin for 11 years. He has a passion for retail and enjoys the time he spends with customers, whether it be discussing what type of tube to buy or whether that Specialized Levo is really what you want.

Fletch and Lisa have come from Dunedin as well. Lisa was working at WHK (now Findex) in IT support, she then worked for Contact Energy based at the Clyde Dam for 3 1/2 years. Lisa deals with the financial, HR and hire aspects of the business but is very good at turning her hand to retail and can often be found in the Workshop. Golf is her passion, however she is not getting many opportunities to play. Fletch left her job at St Hilda’s in Dunedin where she was HOD Physical Education and Outdoor Education. She is based at the Clyde shop and looks after the tours, drivers and marketing aspects of the business.

Our Staff

Roxburgh Gorge Trail

Lois, Tony and Jan being given some Roxburgh Gorge Trail insights by JD.

Tony Haig; Tony is passionate about bikes, this used to be roadies however this has changed. He is based in the main workshop and has a good eye on all things hire. He is always keen to be involved in the retail as well. He has a selection of Scott and Devinci bikes.  When not at Bike It Now! or out riding you can find him with his family and he even manages to fit in time to be a well regarded Squash Coach, with his latest passion being “The Gym”.

Jan Barnie; Jan is involved in office administration and tour planning. Jan has a love of cycling and when the chance of working in the industry came along she jumped at it. Able to turn her hand to anything, Jan enjoys riding as much as possible.

Lois Mulvihill; Lois is an Itinerary Planner and is focused on putting together trips for our wide ranging clients. She enjoys the challenge of putting together very personalized itineraries. Her positive attitude fits in well. She is riding and enjoying a range of bikes

Claire Seaton: Claire joined our very experienced itinerary planning team in 2021. She has made an immediate impact with her work ethic and very very infectious laugh.


Taz Hall: Taz joined us at the end of 2018 from school, he is in the workshop and on the shop floor in Clyde. Taz is an excellent cycle mechanic and his knowledge of all things cycling is improving everyday. His brand of choice is Devinci.

Gary Perkins: Gary has relocated from Invercargill with his wife Anne and we have been very lucky to benefit from this. He is new to the industry, but being a keen cyclist he is soaking up everything that comes his way.



Andy McDonald: Andy joined us in June 2019 from the Otago Polytechnic (he was the tutor in the bike mechanics course) when we opened our shop in Cromwell, his long time experience in the Cycle industry has been a huge benefit to us and to our Cromwell clients. Andy is passionate about cycling and is a big supporter of all things cycling in the area. With living in Bannockburn, he and his family have great riding on their doorstep.

Danny Brick: Danny has been with us since 2021, he is Andy’s right hand man in Cromwell. He has significant experience in the industry as both competitor and in the work force. After break away Danny has come back with renewed enthusiasm and we are benefitting from this. His work ethic and sense of humor are “Gold”.



Deb Attfield: Deb joined us in May 2019, she is a Clyde local and loves riding her 2019 Scott Genius Contessa 720 . Her roles include; hire allocations, hire bike fittings, and developing her retail knowledge and selling skills. You can always be guaranteed to be welcomed with a big smile and hi! from Deb.

Jeremy Hogue, Warren Lees, Dave MurrayAndrew Hunter and Stu Cameron all cover various driving roles. These guys just live and love Central Otago and our clients benefit from their knowledge (stories) and enjoy the great sense of humour they all possess.

Heidi Morris; Heidi is our most experienced guide – she is passionate about cycling and about people making sure our clients have a great time while out on the trails. Her enthusiasm is infectious and rubs off on all around her. She is riding a Scott Spark 910.

Oliver King and Angus Drinnan; These boys come in at weekends, school holidays and even after school some days to assist with hire bikes and general jobs.

Chloe Robertson; Chloe is another of our high school students coming in after school during the week and on Saturdays to assist in the office with getting resources ready for our tour clients.

So this is a little bit about all of us, please feel free to call us 0800 245366 NZ Freephone, 034492228, 1800 446356 Aus Freephone or call by our bike shops that have everything. We are located at 25 Holloway St, Clyde and 2E the Mall in Cromwell.

Bike It Now! Corporate Social Responsibility

We have always been very aware that our business is part of a very vibrant community and one that we want to give back to. The three of us who own the business all live in Clyde and we are all actively involved in the community. We want people to be proud of the job we have done and will continue to do.

Qualmark Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award since February 2019

This means; A Gold Award recognises the best sustainable tourism businesses in New Zealand, with the delivery of exceptional customer experiences an integral part of everything they do. A Gold Sustainable Tourism Award identifies those businesses leading the way in making the New Zealand tourism industry a world class sustainable visitor destination.

We are also signatures to the Tourism Industry Association – Sustainability Commitment

Details around what we do;

Waste and Recycling:

We have a very effective recycling programme in our shop and we have worked with Wastebusters (The leading exponent of recycling in the Queenstown Lakes / Central Otago region) on this for the last 7 years. 

Initially, our recycling was just bike boxes, now we have recycling for all cardboard, plastics and glass. 

 We have made our recycling centres available to all our neighbouring businesses, as they do not have CODC bins.  We only use the CODC collection for rubbish, no recycling goes into their yellow and blue bins as they cannot guarantee it will not end up in Landfill.

Our metal eg chains, cassettes, old bike frames and wheels go across to Dunstan Automotive, which is regularly picked up by Southern Metals a Dunedin Company. With Rubbish we are unable to recycle, we have a skip that again all our neighbouring businesses use and we pay for the hire and emptying.

One of the biggest issues in Bike Shops is old tyres and tubes. We have a wheelie bin full of used tubes, as we are regularly asked by local clients for used tubes, as they are great for staking trees and shrubs, also farm gates.  We did have an arrangement with a customer to take the tyres to be used on a tool called a Slammer Tool but this has stopped. At this stage they go to rubbish.

We had a thorough Waste Audit completed which was offered by REAP to businesses in the Alexandra / Cromwell area. The Community Sustainability coordinator completed this. We received a detailed report on what we are doing well and what we could do better, also some great ideas re what we could do – the metal going across to Dunstan Automotive was one of the results of this.

Another outcome of the audit was our move to all staff having their own keep cups, after discovering single use cups are in fact unable to be recycled.

We operate a Worm farm that our surrounding businesses contribute too.  The by-products of the worm farm are available for everyone to use on their gardens.

We provided funding to enable Clyde primary school to do native plantings at the beginning of the Clyde Alexandra Anniversary trail (very well used by Cyclist’s local and visiting Rail Trailers).

As a continuation of this project, the Clyde Primary Schools environ school group made and delivered donation boxes to encourage donations from visitors to our area and trails for more plantings to reduce Carbon footprints.

We have worked with Dunstan Automotive to provide a brand new trailer to the local Native Plant Nursery run by the HaeHaeta Natural Heritage Trust.  We had meeting late 2019 with one of the Trustees and asked what we could do to assist and they said the problem was not having their own trailer and always borrowing one. After a meeting with Butch and Mandy from Dunstan Automotive, we had a plan. A trailer was built and delivered to the Trust.

We are also donating annually to the HaeHaeta Natural Heritage Trust for their ongoing costs and purchasing of new seedlings for the Nursery

Clyde Primary School came to us for advice when they decided it was time for their own bike trailer. We worked with them, based on one of our current trailer designs and liaised between the school and the supplier.  This trailer is utilised by other schools and community based groups as well.

Cromwell Shop

Recycling using Wastebusters

In our Workshops

In both our Clyde and Cromwell workshops we have Ecosafe Parts cleaners  serviced by Alsco. These provide our clients with the best possible product and one that is using biodegradable cleaning fluids and very safe to use – also the bike parts nameless cassettes and chains come up looking like brand new. We are one of the few cycle businesses in NZ with these.

We use products in both workshops that are biodegradable.  We also try to encourage all our clients to use biodegradable products particularly from the Muck Off brand.


Journeys at Flat Top at Butchers Dam in Alexandra, Copyright image: Clare Toia-Bailey /

For the last 2 years, we have worked with the Journeys programme; this is a programme set up to offer opportunities to young girls in year 7 and 8 in our area to develop their confidence and leadership skills in an Outdoor context. We have provided the bikes for their cycling activities and also a van and trailer to enable ease of transport.

We provide our overseas clients with safety notes in four different languages; Dutch, German, Spanish and French

We have provided cycle maintenance courses at various levels at both our Clyde and Cromwell store also some pre event preparation

We provide our locals and tour clients with information around Cycle tour opportunities on other NZ Cycle Trails. We are part of a group of  Cycle Operators based in Clyde, Twizel, Christchurch, Greymouth, Nelson, Mapua and Napier who cover 8 different trails, so we are able to provide information and great deals.

We have also given our local clients the opportunity to hear from experts about Overseas Cycle Tours, arranging for them to present to them at the local bowling club – excellent venue and great supper afterwards. In 2020 this was Escape Adventures from Nelson

We have employed Secondary school students since we started our business. This has been in the Bike shops and in our Cycle Tour area.  We have seen these students have grown in confidence and develop great skills.  One of our current mechanics had started working for us after school and is now full time. Even though some have taken different paths now, they always consider themselves part of the Bike It Now! team and call in regularly when they are home.

During the present Covid-19 situation our mechanics and retail staff have engaged fully in online training, including; Trek University, Sram, Shimano and SBCU (Specialized).

Our tour staff regularly watch webinars to upskill on software we are using Tourwriter (NZ developed product). All Tour staff spend at least 3 days in August and September each year visiting our accommodation providers to ensure we are up to date with changes and also have an opportunity to check-in on how the season has gone and discussions re the following season.

We gain feedback from clients by a variety of formats online and offline, we send a personalised email to every tour client asking for feedback either via email or via several online platforms including TripAdvisor, Google and the various Cycle trail surveys we also ask for feedback to be sent to DOC via  link as well. 


With taking part in the Waste Audit completed by the “Community Sustainability Facilitators” we went into a draw for a Worm Farm and we won!

We provide all tour clients with a Bike It Now! drink bottle which is NZ designed and manufactured by Sistema.

Sponsorship (Locally and Regionally)

Naseby 12 Hour Endurance Event
We have been the major sponsor for the last 2 years and will continue this.

Otago Cancer Society – for the last 5 years we have combined with “Olivers Lodge and Stables” to provide a weekends accommodation and cycling trip as an auction prize at their annual fundraising Ball

NZ Mountain Film and Book festival (Sponsor since 2017)
In the Book section we are the major sponsor of the Mountain and adventure heritage Award. Check out the previous winners.

Homework books for; Clyde, Omakau, Poolburn and Millers Flat Schools

Skool loop App: Clyde, Millers Flat

Clyde / Earnsclugh Rugby Club

Clyde Golf Club

Clyde Theatre Group

Cromwell Primary School Fair

Dunstan High School Rugby

Individuals; Fletcher Sharman, Jack King, 

FINALLY – Something a little different

Every year for the past 4 years we have supported the Lifeline Trust in Sydney and have provided an OCRT trip as an auction item for their annual Black Tie Sapphire Ball. You are asking your selves why Australia. Well it all came down to a wonderful couple completing the OCRT with us in 2016 and them wanting the opportunity for others to experience it but also use it as a fundraiser for a very worthwhile cause. We have had same accommodation providers working with us every year, so thanks to; Dunstan House, Pitches Store, Marchburn Country Lodge, Tussock Lodge,  The Waipiata Country Hotel and Dunedin Railways.

Bike it Now!

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