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Us! Duncan, Lisa and Fletch

Bike It Now! has a vision of providing the highest quality Otago bike retail, tour, hire and workshop service for those wanting to enjoy the cycling trails in the Central Otago, Southern Lakes, MacKenzie and Waitaki regions of New Zealand, as part of their next holiday or if they are lucky enough within their own surroundings.

Bike It Now! is owned by Duncan Randall, Kathryn Fletcher (Fletch) and Lisa Joyce.

Duncan and his family relocated from Dunedin in mid 2012. Duncan is a well respected member of the Outdoor Retail Industry. He was the manager of R and R Sport in Dunedin for 11 years. He has a passion for retail and enjoys the time he spends with customers, whether it be discussing what type of tube to buy or whether that $7000 Scott Genius Dual Suspension is really what you want. He is riding a Scott Spark 710 Plus.

Fletch and Lisa have come from Dunedin as well. Lisa was working at WHK (now Crowe Horwath) in IT support, she then worked for Contact Energy based at the Clyde Dam for 3 1/2 years. Lisa deals with the financial  and hire aspects of the business but is very good at turning her hand to retail and can often be found in the Workshop. Golf is her passion, however she is not getting many opportunities to play, but has managed to find time to coach and play the occasional game. She is riding a Scott Genius 720 plus.  Fletch left her job at St Hilda’s in Dunedin where she was HOD Physical Education and Outdoor Education. She is based at the Clyde shop and looks after the tour and marketing aspects of the business. She is riding a Scott E Genius Plus but not very often!

Our Staff

Roxburgh Gorge Trail

Lois, Tony and Jan being given some Roxburgh Gorge Trail insights by JD.

Tony Haig; Tony is passionate about bikes, this used to be roadies however this has changed. He is based in the main workshop and has a good eye on all things hire. He is always keen to be involved in the retail as well. He has a selection of Scott, Avanti and Trek bikes – a favourite being the Scott Genius LT 710 Plus.

Jan Barnie; Jan is involved in office administration and tour planning. Jan has a love of cycling and when the chance of working in the industry came along she jumped at it. Able to turn her hand to anything, Jan enjoys riding her Scott Carbon Scale 935 as much as possible.

Lois Mulvihill; Lois is an Itinerary Planner and is focused on putting together trips for our wide ranging clients. She enjoys the challenge of putting together very personalized itineraries. Her positive attitude fits in well. She is riding and enjoying a Scott Spark 950.

Kevin Higgins

Kevin’s Workshop

Kevin Higgins; Kevin has joined the team as our Bike Mechanic. He can be found in his workshop in the barn, working on customers bikes and in the heat of the tour season doing rental bikes. He enjoys working on his retro E Bikes in his spare time.

Peter Birks; Peter is our Lead Driver. He is key to the team. The standard of our vehicles are his responsibility. Clients enjoy his commentaries and the caring approach he conveys. He is riding a Trek X-caliber 7. He has enjoyed stretching himself with taking on some supported tours in 2017.

Jeremy Hogue, Warren Lees, Dave Murray and Quentin McLean all cover various driving roles. These guys just live and love Central Otago and our clients benefit from their knowledge (stories) and enjoy the great sense of humour they all possess.

Heidi Morris; Heidi is our most experienced guide – she is passionate about cycling and about people making sure our clients have a great time while out on the trails. Her enthusiasm is infectious and rubs off on all around her. She is riding a Scott Spark 910.



Fletcher Sharman; Fletcher is always happy to do anything asked of him. He is a Trek rider and is putting himself and Bike It Now! on the racing map! he is racing a Trek Procaliber 9.8SL.

Duncan Sutherland; Duncan comes in at weekends to assist with hire bikes and general jobs. When not out in the barn he is racing on his BMX which he is very talented at. He does cruise the hills on his Genius 750 when he can.

George Rutter; George who along with Duncan and Fletcher (all schoolboys) are important cogs in our machine. He is based in Balclutha getting up to help whenever he can which works well with his grandparents in Clyde. He is saving for a Trek Remedy 9 RSL.

Keila Davidson; Keila is our newest member of staff coming in after school during the week and on Saturdays to assist in the office with getting resources ready for our tour clients.

Last but not least Gary and Stu these are guys all businesses cannot do without. They just help out when needed, that’s if they are not out, serving great coffees at The Merchant Cafe in Clyde or in the hills walking.

So this is a little bit about all of us, please feel free to call us 0800 245366 NZ Freephone, 034492228, 1800 446356 Aus Freephone or call by our little bike shop that has everything. We are located at 25 Holloway St, Clyde. 

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