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One Day Wonder: River to Gorge to Dam

This is the ultimate one day trip, it has everything you would want in a cycle journey and all in one single day.

It is this easy; arrive in Clyde and then approximately 7 hours later you are returned to Clyde having had a fantastic experience.

What you will get:

A bike suited to the terrain, helmet, gel seat, top mounted pannier, ergo grips, pump, bottle cage and repair kit.
Boat ride with informative commentary from Doctors Point to Shingle Creek.
Shuttle from either Roxburgh Lodge or Roxburgh Town back to Bike It Now! in Clyde
Trail Passports
Maintenance Tags

Packed Lunch – Our local Cafe (The Bank) will provide this for you.

All this for for a minimum of 2 people,  if it was large group than the cost per person would change. The boat leaves Doctors Point at 10.00am, 11.30am, 1.00pm, 2.30pm, 4.00pm.

Some Important Trail Information
Firstly a little heads up; the Roxburgh Gorge Trail, is not like the Rail Trail you do need to have experience and for some sections you will need to be careful when riding them. However in saying that it is truly spectacular and a must for every-ones “Bucket List”.
From our perspective and to make things really easy we suggest you start at our depot / shop in Clyde (just behind Olivers) our bikes are very well suited to this trail being the latest Avanti  Montari and Forte 29ers and 27.5.
Our suggested itinerary would be then to bike the River Track to Alexandra (12kms) which is a great single track trail then head into the Roxburgh Gorge. You will then ride 10km of  seriously  spectacular countryside until you get to Doctors Point. We will have the boat waiting for you to transport you the 12kms down the lake to Shingle Creek. You would need to ensure you are at the Doctors Point Jetty at the arranged time. You will then ride the next 12kms to Roxburgh Dam, some of the sights are super impressive here and riding the switchbacks will be memorable. We will then meet you at  Roxburgh Lodge in Roxburgh Dam Township, load up your bikes and shuttle you back to Clyde. Roxburgh Lodge has a very nice cafe a fantastic way to finish your journey.
You could also carry on into Roxburgh and we can pick you up there. You would need to cross the Roxburgh Dam and follow the Clutha Gold Trail for approximately 6kms and cross the Clutha River into Roxburgh town itself. Possible pick up points include Jimmy’s Pies or 103 The Store.
So some things to think about. We could also drop you at Alexandra to start the Trail but we feel the 12kms of the River Track if you have time are well worth the effort.
Approx riding times
Clyde to Alexandra 70mins
Alexandra to Doctors Point 80mins
Boat Trip Doctors Point to Shingle Creek (includes embarking and disembarking) 45mins
Shingle Creek to Roxburgh Dam 120mins
Roxburgh Dam to Roxburgh Town 30mins
Please contact us if you would like to experience this new “One Day Wonder”.


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