Bike It Now! hire bikes are without doubt the best bikes available on the trail. They include the latest Trek Roscoe 7. These make for a smoother, easier ride on the trail with their 27+ wheels and tyres.  All bikes on multi day adventures come with a helmet, bottle holder, drop down panniers, puncture resistant tyres, ergonomic hand grips, wireless cycle computer, a riser stem (for a little more upright riding position)and plush padded seats with a dual density gel seat cover. The bikes have front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and high spec Shimano components. We also have the latest  Electric Bikes for hire (Merida, Scott, Haibike and Winora), for 2019/ 2020 we have introduced the Scott Roxter E perfect for the smaller rider (140cm to 150cm) and step through bikes (Avanti Discovery 3). Our range of children’s bikes and tow behinds for hire, allows all ages to be involved.

As part of our normal yearly review processes we are audited via Qualmark, we are extremely pleased to say that our Cycle Maintenance Programme was deemed to be “Best Practice” in our most recent review.

Fix a flat!

What our customers are saying

“The bikes were a great fit, far better than our previous experience and felt much stronger and easier to handle and far more comfortable :)”

Pinkone , Cambridge

“top quality bikes” David H

“If you are looking for a professional friendly personalised service providing top quality bikes Bike it Now is the company for you”. Richard E

Our new multi day hire bikes are Trek Roscoe 7’s, these are more laid back, focused on capability, confidence  and versatility. They have 27.5+ wheels and tyres with a 120mm fork for even more confidence, stability and comfort providing for  the smoothest of  rides.

It is important for us to have a step through comfort bike available for those people who would like a step through frame with a more upright riding style.

Our E Bikes are either Merida, Scott, Haibike or Winora – these are European manufactured and powered by either Bosch, Shimano or Yamaha (recognized as the three premier systems).

We have added in Trek Roscoe 24 plus kids bikes for 2019/2020 to our existing Scott Scale Junior 20’s and a wide range of attachments. All kids bike come with wireless cycle computers.


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Bike Hire Prices
Single day – $55
Multi day – $50
E Bike Single day – $120
E Bike Multi day – $100
Kids Bikes – $35 per day
Trailers and Weehoos – $25 per day
Babyseats – FOC


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