Alps2Ocean Trail

The Alps2Ocean is developing into one of New Zealand’s iconic cycle trails.

The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is truly one of New Zealand’s great rides. For over 300km and dropping 780m, visitors can experience some of the most diverse and beautiful scenery New Zealand has to offer. Suitable for all ages, the trail is an easy grade, and offers a pleasing mix of on and off-road trails which link the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean.

Bike It Now! offers  supported tour options that ensure you can enjoy the best of the completed Alpine sections of the trail, with some on road cycling.  Where we are cycling on roads these are minor gravel roads and quiet canal roads.

For our client’s safety and ensuring you have the best experience of this amazing slice of New Zealand.

These tours depart on demand with a minimum of 6 people, subject to availability.

Supported Alps2Ocean  Alpine Tour – Superior 

Supported Alps2Ocean Alpine Tour – Standard